About Linckd

The market that grows our economy community by community!

LINCKD is a platform for business owners, entrepreneurs and home industry stores to WORK TOGETHER AND GROW TOGETHER, by offering a variety of goods and services directly to YOU as the consumer.

We aim to inspire and motivate SMEs (small to medium enterprises) to expand their businesses, and produce quality good and services that will contribute to our economy and establish South Africa as a leader in business development and growth.

Linckd ensures that the goods and services provided by our members are quality products, so you as our customer can be assured that your purchases are value for money.

JOIN LINCKD now as a business owner / entrepreneur to see your business grow or SUPPORT our Members and local businesses by shopping on Linckd's online market.

Linckd has pledged to donate 1% of its annual profits made via our online store to local charities to help in GROWING OUR COMMUNITY AND OUR ECONOMY!